If teaching remains one of the most challenging professions out there, how brave and great can be those who decided to be great teachers. In fact, there is no profession calling itself teaching without the presence of great teachers who impact and make a positive change wherever they go. Great teachers are those who burn themselves to enlighten the path and minds of others. Yet, such mission cannot be successful without the virtue of patience. 

Furthermore, great teachers have the ability to keep it together in all circumstances as they deal daily with minds, emotions and all kinds of behavior. What makes teaching a challenging task, is that, minds tend to change while nobody likes change, emotions like to overflow while nobody likes messy situations, and behavior has the tendency to affect and get affected. 

No matter what the situation is, great teachers have to tiptoe their way through all the hurdles, from researching, checking, planning, predicting, assessing, grading, compromising to other multitasking. 

 In addition, great teachers who care deeply about their mission play the mom and the dad, the police, the custodian, the advisor, the gardener, the farmer, the lawyer, the judge, the chaperon, the brother, the sister, the entertainer, the babysitter, the tech expert, the painter, the plumber, the nurse and the doctor...One can easily think of other professions depending on the variety of situations great teachers may find themselves in. For instance, I have been a taxi-driver for my students on several occasions because some irresponsible parents forget to pick up their kids at the end of the day and I had to give them a ride home. 

Moreover, great teachers are great motivators. They touch souls with the tone of their voice while inspiring and leading. Also, they change lives while interacting with their community to affect positive change through their students and themselves. Very often, great teachers are the comfort shoulder where anybody can come to lay their head down looking for advice, assistanceand some peace. 

I believe that people who choose to be great teachers are even greater in mind and spirit than the concept of teaching itself. Besides being the master of patience, great teachers are disciplined people. Their daily work compel them to be structured, organized, and alert. Their time has to be set in a manner where not one second is wasted. Great teachers work with their minds in 3Ds, as they have to trigger their past to connect with their present and move it forward to reach the future. In short, great teachers do it all. So you think you can be a teacher, think again!


                                                                                           October 2, 2014



                                                                                                Yazid Rabahi M.Ed.

Teacher & Tech Coordinator

 Eisenhower Academy  



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Fatima Kheddim

   I really appreciate this article which is quite motivating, but above all, in order to become a great teacher you have to love the job. A lot of teachers nowadays say that they don't like teaching, but they practise it because they didn't find another job. It's a pity!!
 Mustapha Louznadji,
 It's a pity to hear that you no longer have your language class, which I remember was well-equipped with ICT tools and even a special library for students.

This was your Lg class
Many high schools in the north didn't have that opportunity that time. I like very much the fact that you will keep up the good work till you get the right learning environment in your school. 
Go ahead!


Kebir Sarah,

Big thanks for this article; it  comes on the right time. I used to have my own language class in a secondary school in Tindouf, but the role of the administration does not help students to learn in the right environment and teachers to use I.C.T. I’ll try again and again till the end of my career to get the right teaching-learning environment. Your article helps me to challenge and to carry on after 20years of work.



I think we need -as teachers - this couple of words so as to charge our low level of batteries. The more we work, the less our students are interested in Learning. Obviously they are more or less amazed by the morals they're thaught everyday. Once they told me that they felt living in an old-fashioned climate inspired by the way the Teacher is performing and also the means he/she is using. Actually, it's right ! Outside school, learners are using HI-Tech tools and social interference. They feel coping the world they are living in. However inside school, the slow motion used by Teachers and practiced by teheducational Personel is terribly falling them down. So, where's the leak please? 


An excellent article! The point raised by Mr. Louznadji is pertinent. Why, think again? Does Mr; Yazid mean that if we don't have such qualities,better leave the job, or don't do it at all? I need clarification.


Mustapha Louznadji: 

First I would like to welcome Mr. Yazid Rabahi to eltalgeria website community. I also want to congratulate him on the excellent article as it addresses the main aspects of the topic and it stays focused on. Meanwhile, I do appreciate the role of the taxi-driver you had to play. Teachers have many 'hats', but I was not expecting giving a ride to students. That's a great teacher! The title, however, makes think twice: " you think you can be a teacher, think again! ' a big debate!!



It is always a source of pride to have an Algerian teacher in a country like the USA. I liked what you said about time management and discipline. Very important for any teacher. Thank you. 

lalibi souheir: 

Thank you so much for this article.we hope the young teachers will do their best to ameliorate the level of education and do their best as the previous did. 



I was happy to read such an article from such a great teacher. Thanks for sharing and encouraging young teachers to be the best ones. I will remember every single word you did write. I do wish you all the best!



thanks a lot for this article. no doubt a great teacher isnt definively a teacher who doesn't like change a great teacher is that who copes with most teaching situations smartly meaning to set up his objectives ans aims beforehand and therefore know how to transmit knowledge the way his learners want ie which bath my students want to be in to learn and funny lessons are a useful key to that



Thank you for this praise because a teacher who loves what he does is really so.



A great article by a great teacher.Thank u so much .