Integrating Skills


 Kritli Mokhtar High School, Blida

Demonstration Class on Integrated Skills

Presented by 

Mrs. Nacera Bouzekri


April 17th, 2011.


Personal Goals:

Professional Competence:

  • To demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject matter
  • To make Learners work collaboratively
  • To engage Learners in on-going learning process
  • To use an extra resource and teaching aids

 Pedagogical competence:

  • To present a task-based lesson on integration skills
  • To get students have enough useful and sensible skills practice in a lesson plan
  • To encourage spirit of membership and partnership
  • To encourage learners to communicate through the receptive and productive skills
  • To introduce a task-based lesson and materials for language work that meet learners’ needs
  • To foster a group feeling and enhance cooperation and respect
  • To ensure a challenging involvement of Learners
  • To encourage Learners to communicate through the writing skill
  • To urge Learners’ autonomy
  • To enhance communication

Disciplinary Competence:

  • To master the use of language forms: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and spelling in the learning process
  • To develop proficiency in skill integration practice and communication

 Topical, Cultural and Technological Competence:

  • To master the implemented strategies of integrating skills
  • To provide Learners with rich and relevant information
  • To explain and convince Learners about particular cultural situations
  • To motivate, stimulate and urge Learners to get ready for practising the 4 skills and language forms and improvement
  • To develop the communicative skill when talking  about others’ experiences
  • To introduce learners to an ancient cultural setting
  • To use ICT


Lesson Focus:

  • To  integrate the four skills
  • To get students have enough useful and sensible skills practice during in a task
  • To focus on Interaction (Speaking), Interpretative Listening, Productive Writing, Productive Speaking, Linguistic Competence



  • To integrate skills

Skills and Language Strategies:

Integrating Skills:

  • Moving from Receptive to productive
  • Starting from easier to difficult
  • Incorporating language forms

Cultural Aspects:

  • To raise awareness about issues related to ancient Greek literature and civilization


  • Receptive and Productive skill practice
  • Linguistic Competency (Vocabulary and  Grammar usage)
  •  Developing learning skills and their strategies (language conventions, organization of ideas..)
  •  Developing associated skills and transferable skills

Objectives / Assessment:


  • By the end of the lesson, students will be able
  • to interact orally
  • to communicate and check understanding
  • to plan for, use and evaluate the effectiveness of Spoken Interaction
  • to listen and understand main points  and important details
  • to read and understand the gist and significant details
  • to produce an oral narrative
  • to give an oral summary consisting of more than a cohesive paragraph
  • to write narratives
  • to write a summary
  • to use effectively the needed vocabulary and grammar to express  ideas appropriately and with precision
  • to pronounce language used clearly and intelligibly though a foreign accent is evident and occasional mispronunciation occurs

Required Materials and / or Resources:

  • Laptop and data-show
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Badges 
  • Hand-outs


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