Classroom  Observation  for Trainee  Teachers

On Sunday, May 08th, 2011. A pedagogical day was organized at Hammou Boutlelis High School, under the supervision of Mr.M.Louznadji, Inspector of National Education in collaboration with 3 teachers from Hammou Boutlelis High School : Mrs.M.Allab, Mrs.D.Atek and Miss.K.Mezough.

The Pedagogical day is a form of Inservice Teacher Education for 12 newly qualified teachers and 4 pre-service teachers.

The pedagogical day was divided into 4 parts:

  • Pre-observation Class.
  • Class Observation.
  • Workshop on Lesson Plan Design
  • Post observation class. ( reflection and enquiries)


The Lesson Plan


 Level: SE1 Scientific and Literary Streams
 Unit Four: Innovation and Technology " EUREKA"
 Sequence Two: Reading and Writing






Task one: Listen to the 4 sounds and guess wha they represent

Task Two: Groupwrok

Each group of students is given a set of pictures to select the ones that correspond to the sounds in the previous task

Task Three: Match the words in the box with the corresponding item

Drum – telegraph – telephone - satellite




Read and Check

Task 1 p115: Read the text on p 103 and check your answers to the previous task.

Task Two: Read the text again and complete the timeline of the evolution of 




Task 3 p 115: Make the best use of your understanding of the text above to answer the questions below

a)     What invention was the ancestor of the radio?

b)    What was the problem with long-distance voice communication?

c)     What was the solution to the problem?

Task 2 p 115: choose the most suitable title for the text.

a)     Telecommunication and satellites.

b)     Graham Bell’s invention

c)     Telecommunication, Past, Present and future.


Post Reading:

Task: ( N° 1 p 117) put the sentences below in the right box of the flow

        chart so that they make a coherent paragraph.


a)     So, in the old days men used drums and other archaic means to


b)     In 1876, Graham Bell solved the problem by inventing thetelephone.

c)     The human voice does not allow people to communicate over very

        long distances.

d)     However, it took people a lot of time to send and receive messages.