A Roadmap to  Eureka!

Committed teachers not only keep on
creating teaching materials,
but also sharing them with their fellow educators.
Mr. Abderazak Bouyahia,
a highly qualified teacher, is eager
to share with you his latest work.

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Thanks a lot for the excellent work.
Carry on , may god help you.


Biggest hello and warmest greetings to you there. Thanks for the work you have done. Congratulations.


Iwouldlike to thank you  for sharing this useful work with other colleagues. It may encourage them to do the same.

 Lakhdar 29

Congratulations my dear for this effort that could benefit especially the new teachers.

Again many thanks


Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing with us such ideas.


I am really grateful for your outstanding work. Go ahead.

With all my respect and appreciation.


I would like to thank you so much for the valuable work you share with us . you are really helpful.

Bouyahia Abderazak

Hi everyone,

It is very enjoyable to read your replies . Sincerely, your comments  have touched me  deeply. I would like also to express my gratitude  to ELT@lgeria Team for publishing  this work and for  the pretty words on my behalf.

In fact, my work is a simple attempt to tell you how I am teaching my pupils. It’s by no means to say that this is the best method . You all know that our classes are not homogeneous . Thus,  a methodology can succeed with one class and  fail with another. That’s why it is worthwhile that one should be flexible and ‘adaptable’ at all the time and in all situations.

Another important point I want to tell you is the way you teach ‘inside or outside the box’.  I’m not sure whether I can explain this point or not.

Myself, I used to teach ‘inside the box’ for a long time . I was satisfied  to depend on the course book blindly. For example, I used to spend long hours teaching the ‘passive form’ followed with oral and written practice and  I thought I was doing a  great work since my objectives and  sub-objectives are obvious.  But at a moment , I  stopped and asked myself: What am I doing? Am I really helping my pupils to be good at English?  Is this ‘passive  form’ which took me  so much time and pain of great benefit to my pupils?

Absolutely not.

Of course I did similarly with  other grammatical lessons . A lot of effort, a lot time but in return nothing of great benefit  regarding the finalities and the curriculum.

Indeed, This is the way I started to teach ‘outside the box’. And from then on, I totally changed my strategies, my methodologies and my approaches of teaching.

In brief,  to be able to teach ‘outside the box’ , one should distinguish between the objectives and the finalities on one hand and the syllabus and curriculum on the other hand.

Best wishes for everyone

Many thanks , a nice work

 rafik amamri:
really it is beneficial and a splinde'd work........may allah reward you for the greatest merit
Miss Rose, we are happy to see that you get inspired. We are looking forward to receiving your second year units work. Go ahead!
 miss rose:
very nice work you have given me the idea to do the same with second year units
exellent work and may God bless you
 Ben Nasr:
Excellent work. Congratulations to the teacher who achieved this task!
I' d like to thank you for bringing your own experience and providing your colleagues,novices in particular, with this precious work , so valuable for their teaching practices. Congratulations
 Houria CHOHRA:
I really appreciate the work. In less than one hour I could grasp what a unit plan is! It is a model that we can easily follow to get experience at least in the beginning of our career. Thank you so much Mr. Abderazak Bouyahia for the precious advice that I will consider as a map to reach successful teaching objectives.
 Dida :
As usual i'm very impressed .Thank you indeed.
Dear Mr. Bouyahia,
Please, accept my sincere congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Keep it up!
Pretty Teacher:
Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting work .may ALLAHbless you and reward you.As a novice teacher am greateful .Thanks
thank you so much may ellah reward you for this precious work
Thanks a lot for the amazing work dear colleague.
I always learned that a teacher should facilitate work to learners, but here you are facilitating work for us.
That's great initiative and roadmap to more cooperative and collaborative work.Again thanks a lot and congratulations.
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